The New Daredevil Is A Natural Badass

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While watching Netflix’s new series, Marvel’s Daredevil, one thing is abundantly clear: Matt Murdock is a badass.  The fight scenes that are on display throughout the series are brutal and realistic and it takes a special kind of person to pull them off effectively.  Luckily, Marvel has found that special person in series star Charlie Cox.  NerdBastards was in attendance for the Daredevil press junket last week and had a chance to ask Charlie about those stunts. Turns out, the actor who plays The Man Without Fear is a natural badass.


We learned a great many things during Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil press event and one of the things that really stood out was the fact that Charlie Cox not only performs most of his own stunts but that he is able to pull off those fight scenes with ease.  Well, the scenes he is allowed to film, of course:

NB: So, Charile, we’ve seen Daredevil and it’s awesome.  You’re a badass. Would it be correct to assume you are doing your own stunts?

Charile:Yeah, I’m doing as much as I’m allowed to do, which, at times, is a great deal and other times, not so much. As the series progressed, I was kind of up to date with the training, so I was able to do more than in earlier scenes. I’m quite lucky in this regard. I really enjoy all the physical aspects of making a film and, luckily, I’m quite good at picking up the moves. I have to learn them on the day; we normally don’t have time to rehearse days before, so I normally try to pick up 6-10 moves at a time.  We’ll film that from a couple of different angles and then we’ll move on. Then, of course, I have my amazing stunt double, Chris Brewster, who will every now and again thrown in a 360 double flip kick that I didn’t even know people could do. I don’t do those ones.


That’s right. Not only is Charlie able to pull off plenty of those moves on his own but he is actually badass enough to pull them off after learning the moves that same day! Once you witness these fight scenes on screen, you will quickly realize the weight of Cox’s statements.  The punches and kicks that are displayed beautifully throughout the series are executed so well that viewers can feel them through the screen.  These fights are street fights that are a complete 180 from the type of superhero fights audiences run to theaters to witness.  The series doesn’t have any superhuman punches or buildings being torn apart by the impact of a superhuman being throwing another superhuman through the city.  These are the types of fights that Everyday Joe’s go out of their way to avoid and the fact that Matt Murdock keeps fighting the good fight in spite of this truly shows the measure of the man.

Marvel’s Daredevil premieres exclusively on Netflix this Friday, April 10.

Are you excited for the new series? Do you have a favorite Daredevil comic book arc that you would like to see on screen?

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