It’s been 30 years since Gremlins came into theaters. Having style, charm, originality and humor to spare, this film was among the top echelon of movies from the glorious ’80’s. With Gizmo in our hearts, flawed rules to follow, and humorous but equally terrifying ill tempered satanic spawns, Gremlins has forever cemented itself as a staple in popular culture.

So what does Hollywood want to do? Reboot it, of course! And just to throw salt in the wound, a Goosebumps writer has been pegged to scribe it.

The long-talked about remake to the 1984 Joe Dante direct classic Gremlins has finally started to pick up some steam. Carl Ellsworth will script the upcoming remake. Ellsworth’s previous films include the solid thrillers Red Eye and Disturbia and two remakes – The Last House On The Left and the tepid Red Dawn. He was also one of several screenwriters on Goosebumps, the adaptation of the successful fantasy horror children’s books.

Chris Columbus will co-produce the remake with Steven Spielberg. Some rumors suggest Columbus may also direct, but so far the studios say that’s not a discussion they’re having.

Gremlins is the story of a small-town kid who acquires a strange and unbearably cute creature that later spawns a pack of menacing green beings that terrorize a town on Christmas Eve. 30 years later (*Insert obligatory “gawd I feel old” comment), and it still holds up as a a dark (I can never listen to that Johnny Mathis holiday jingle “Do you see what I see” without getting a slight case of PTSD from a particular scene), crazy, twisted, inventive, and violent Christmas classic.

Gremlins offers scares, laughs, and entertainment. It also gave us Gizmo, perhaps the most adorable on-screen creature of all time. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who’s seen Gizmo and not lip quivered the words, “AWE…I WANT HIM”.

While Gremlins has lost appeal over these last 3 decades – finding itself lost between 2 proceeding generations, and those who simply wanna remember and mock it for those vague open-ended rules “Don’t feed them after midnight – it’s always after midnight, you wanna get gremlins cause that’s how you get gremlinsand “Don’t get them wet – dude, water is everywhere and practically in every source of food, how they gonna eat?” However, for the nostalgia trippers like myself, the film holds so many iconic images and harkens back to a time where practical effects ruled and there were no such things as PG13 films.

I guess what I am saying is –  1. Don’t expose them to bright lights. 2. Don’t get them wet. 3. Don’t feed them after midnight. 4. Whatever you do, don’t f****** reboot them.

Why does this need a reboot? What’s wrong with just a regular sequel? The setup is kind of irrelevant; it will always be just a launchpad for Gremlin mayhem, so why not reference the established continuity, rather than wiping it away and starting again?

God damn it Hollywood!

See what you’ve done!? You’ve upset Gizmo!


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