How About That ‘Daredevil’ Hallway Scene?


If you have already made it through the first few episodes of Netflix’s new series, Marvel’s Daredevil, you’re likely cheering the new series.  The show truly evokes the spirit of the comic book series, especially the Frank Miller and Kevin Smith runs.  One of the most gorgeous scenes in the series so far is the hallway fight scene.  If you don’t know what this refers to, it is highly recommended that you go check out the series before proceeding with this story.  Go ahead, we’ll wait…. Ok, now that you’ve seen it, how badass was that?  Want to know how it was filmed?  Great!  We got the info straight from the horse’s mouth.

*Possible Spoilers Ahead! Fair Warning!


Charlie Cox, who plays Daredevil in the new series, had a chance to sit down at a recent press event and describe how that scene came to be and just how much work he and his stunt double, Chris Brewster, had to do to pull it off:

I remember reading that in the script and having to kind of go through it very, very slowly, and [wonder] how is this going to work? What is this going to look like? It was really a magical day [when the scene was filmed]. It was one of the last days of [box shooting the first three episodes], Phil Abraham was the director, and it was one of the last shoot days of that, and we had the whole day dedicated to it.  The first half of the day was just the camera movement; just the camera going back and forth and making sure we got all the angles and where I’m supposed to be. You know, it’s very, very tricky because every single hit has to sell on camera.  If one is missed, the whole shot doesn’t work. I think we did twelve takes and three of them were usable and one of them was fantastic. We watched that back when it finally happened, midway through one of them Chris took a knock to the head and we werent sure if he could continue. It was wild because the way that we did it is I walk in then I go through a door and quickly hide, and [Chris] continues then he comes out and I run round to the back of the set and I come in and do a little bit, then Im out another way, then he goes in, and I come back out with a kid. It was pretty spectacular.

Daredevil 3

Not only did all of that hard work pay off but it was played seamlessly and with perfection.  When describing the series to those who have not yet witnessed Matt Murdock in action, this scene is one that perfectly describes the tone of the series and the strength of the character.  We aren’t talking about muscle strength here, which obviously, is abundant.  In this case, the fact that he is physically broken, exhausted, and beaten, yet he STILL continues to fight, speaks volumes about the man behind the mask.  He pushes through his fatigue and pain in order to keep fighting the good fight.  With moves like that, there’s no doubt that Hall’s Kitchen is a much safer place, thanks to Daredevil.

Netflix’s original series Marvel’s Daredevil is now available to stream and if you aren’t watching it yet, you are missing out.

How do you feel about the new series?  Do you have a favorite scene?

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