The writers behind The Lego Movie are going to tackle the big-screen adaptation of The Flash. No word yet on directing, but it seems like a good fit so far. After all, the Lego Movie and 21/22 Jump Street were massive successes…but are they ready to take on a superhero blockbuster?

Phil Lord and Chris Miller seem to be Midas-esque, in that whatever they happen to be working on is translated into box-office gold. They got their biggest surge of fame with 2014’s the Lego Movie, and quickly became very sought after. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs may have been their first hugely successful project, but it was seen more as a kid’s movie. The Jump Street films also brought the pair well-deserved attention, but it’s pretty raunchy fare. The Lego Movie, however, showcased that the pair could craft a film that hit each demographic equally.

After all, part of Marvel’s success is that you wouldn’t feel weird letting your child watch their movies, but you don’t feel immature for loving them. It’s a sweet spot that is critical to DC’s success in the coming years with so many movies already announced for release. The Dark Knight trilogy, for example, toned down much of the action for lengthy diatribes, which made it a bore for kids. Hell, I was ten when Batman Begins came out and I didn’t make it past the hike up the mountain before checking out. On the other side of things, Ryan Reynold’s turn as the Green Lantern was cartoonish…but brutally dumb and ill-paced. My nephew loves the movie, for example, whereas I do not.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have the chance to elevate DC by hitting the family market which, for most of DC’s central characters, is far from a death-knell. Children already know the Flash well and, while he’s never been the most popular character, he’s always been there. He’s like Captain America. You knew he was there, but unless the movie called your attention to his existence, he wasn’t getting any new fans anytime soon.

Batman will sell because it’s Batman. Superman will sell because it’s Superman. But unless you broaden the range of some of DC’s lesser-read characters, the Justice League films may not do so well. I think they’ve got the right men for the job, but then, I thought Arkham Origins was going to be amazing. I’ve been wrong before.

Is the Flash ready for his big screen debut? Has the show introduced enough people to the franchise? Would you rather see a more adult Flash? Tell us in the comments!

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