Ryan Reynolds Totally Whipped It Out On Set…


His katanas…. Ryan Reynolds whipped out his katanas, get your mind out of the gutter. Deadpool is still shooting on the Georgia Street Viaduct and on the fourth day Deadpool brought out his two katanas for some slicing and dicing action.If you’re wondering if Reynolds has named his two katanas, you won’t be disappointed, here’s Reynolds answering that very question on Twitter:

Here’s a gallery of on set pictures of all the kantana action courtesy of Vancity Buzz.

There’s also a CBC video with Deadpool producer Aditya Sood in which he says:

There’s a sequence in our film that requires us to be on a highway. So, this was the best location that we could find in Vancouver, and the city was gracious enough to allow us to shoot here.

When asked if this was the same scene as the leaked footage that kick-started this production he said:

I can tell you one thing, it is not the exact scene that you might have seen.

I am loving everything I have seen so far, the use of social media has only made me more excited to see the finished product.

Via: Vancity Buzz

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