This time on the the RadioBastardization of your innocence podcast, Bob the Pirate and Not Grimace talk about Taco piñatas, adult themed Deadpools, no shawarmas for Ultron, good natured turtle murder and more…

The More:

Tommy Wiseau‘s “Full House” is not a thing, but man we wish it was

Another version of Star Wars that you don’t need.

–Will Deadpool swing dong?

David Lynch‘s midgets will not work for scale.

–Now you can play Divorce Dash on Facebook.

Fatal turtle confusion.

New Arrested Development as soon as Jason Bateman wraps the Hogan Family reunion movie and Teen Wolf: Origins (double reference score!)

–No Who hand-off for the Moff? Will Doctor Who be a talking horse? What is the mystery of the Sky Kitten? We have 5 years to find out.

–Wrong sounding Muppets and the puppets that love them.

And an all new #TacoTalk with actual talking tacos!

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The Room

RadioBastard: the talking tacos had to be put down when they grew teeth and started talking backwards Latin.

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