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After some disastrous drops in attendance and interest in Activision and EA’s Mock ‘n Roll titles, it looks like Activision is set to officially give it another go after a lengthy hiatus. They, along with RedOctane and Harmonix (who later defected to EA for Rock Band), really got the ball rolling with Guitar Hero on the PS2 a decade ago, so it seems fitting that Guitar Hero is the first band set to take the simulated stage once again. Along with Guitar Hero Live’s announcement, Activision has released a great deal of information about the game’s new guitar, stage perspective, and mechanics for us to drool over.

Check out the announcement trailer here for your first look at the game’s cool new live footage and first person stage perspective.

I’m really digging this new perspective. I’ve personally played live music (in front of obviously much smaller crowds) and definitely see where they’re going with it. It’ll really add to how visceral and exhilarating the games could feel at times, and I sincerely will not miss the ridiculous, cartoony avatars of games past. The tongue-in-cheek nature of previous entries may have appealed to some, but I can’t wait to be taken into a much more realistic stage perspective with Guitar Hero live.

Along with that reveal trailer, Gamespot also put together an in-depth preview of the game for your viewing pleasure. It provides an awesome look at the newly redesigned guitar and at how the game will be played. Give it a look!

The change in the guitar’s button layout looks like a very positive one indeed. It’s obvious that they’re going for more realistic fretting and, while they’re not going to achieve it with just 2 rows of 3 buttons, it’ll go a long way to making it feel much more authentic. Really, authenticity seems to be the key theme here, along with more of a festival feeling. Expect to see a much more diverse selection of music included in the game’s setlist too, much like the broad range seen in modern music festivals.

Needless to say, I’m absolutely pumped to play this game. I’m more than ready to get back onto the stage for some fun Mock ‘n Roll and the changes shown to date look like brilliant shifts in direction. If they’re smart about how often they shove sequels and new peripherals down our throats, Guitar Hero Live could very well lead the resurrection of simulated rock ‘n roll.

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