Now that we’ve all come down from the incredible nerdy high that the Spider-Man Sony/Marvel announcement took us all to, we can get back to worrying things to death on the Internet. Things like, how long will this obviously complicated Spider-Man marriage between Sony and Marvel continue? Will it be just long enough for Marvel to establish Spider-Man in the MCU before Sony pulls the carpet out from everything? Kevin Feige has a thing or two to say about that.kevinfeige645

BadassDigest recently talked with Feige about that subject:

For as forward thinking as we always try to be, there’s only so far you can tend to think, and our plan is fairly solid for those four or five years. I’ve never considered it in the Rom Spaceknight vernacular, necessarily..

So much of the anxiety at Marvel has been ‘Who do we have contracts with, who is still involved’? You want to plot out all these years of imagination based on amazing comics, but you need real people to make time in their lives to do, and to make career decisions to do it. That has been the hardest thing to manage… but for the first time, that’s all settled. It’s all settled through [2019]. It’s all set. And we’re able to focus now just on [telling stories].

It’s everything we announced last October, and we’ve added your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to the mix… and it’s all set.

Is Infinity War the end of the road? Is it a reboot?

Here’s what I know: the movies will continue. With whom and how? I’m not even thinking about it now.

It’s interesting to hear Feige speak about this incredibly complicated Studio Suit and Lawyers filled deal. I imagine that there are a few strong players on both sides that really want this to happen and any change in those lineups might tip the scales in another direction. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen in the near future.


His Rom The Spaceknight comment comes from how Badass Digest framed the question. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s Rom was a licensed character that Marvel created a comic series for. Once that license ran out, Rom just disappeared from the Marvel Universe. Would that be the case when the Sony/Marvel deal runs out?

IGN also talked with Feige about Spider-Man and his comments should be very reassuring to fans. He likens the upcoming Spider-Man movies produced by Sony and Marvel to the Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy. Thankfully, Fiege is quick to point out that the tone of those movies won’t be the tone taken in the Spider-Man movies.

What do you think? For me, Marvel has given me enough already to insure my trust in how they handle the character. I confidently expect Marvel to deliver us some fantastic Spider-Man movies and that Sony will be using tractor trailers to get the box office receipts to the bank.

Via: Badassdigest, IGN


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