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You may recall that just a few days ago, filmmaker Michelle MacLaren walked away from the director’s chair on the upcoming Warner Bros./DC Entertainment live-action film version of Wonder Woman. Citing the ambiguous rationale of “creative differences,” which is about as old an excuse as it is mysterious, MacLaren’s departure from the project could be viewed as a black eye for a production slate of DC Comics-based films that has been struggling for years to come to fruition. With a 2017 release date etched in stone, the studios had to move quickly, and they have. Now, Wonder Woman has a new director, and she is also no stranger to trying to make comic book movies work despite “creative differences.”

According to Collider, Patty Jenkins has been hired to take up the (some say considerable) challenge of making Wonder Woman. Why is that name familiar? You may remember that for a short time Jenkins, who directed Charlize Theron to her Oscar in 2002’s Monster, was the first director attached to Thor: The Dark World. Alan Taylor eventually made that film when Jenkins departed due to, say it with me, “creative differences.” I guess one person’s “creative differences” is another person’s opportunity.

Jenkins departed pretty quickly after she signed up for Thor in the fall of 2011. Actually, she was on the project almost as long as MacLaren was on Wonder Woman. On the bright side, we’re pretty early in the development process on Wonder Woman, which is not due in theaters for more than two years still. Plus, there’s already a star in the waiting, Gal Gadot. Given that Jenkins was (briefly) part of Thor, it speaks well of her enthusiasm of being part of a comic book based movie, but as these things do there’s still a mysterious dark cloud now over the production, forcing fans to wonder just what exactly is Warner Bros. planning if a talented up-and-coming filmmaker like MacLaren walked away after only a couple of months.

Wonder Woman begins filming sometime later this year for a Summer 2017 release date. Meanwhile, Gadot makes her big screen debut as Wonder Woman in next spring’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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