The H8ful Eight is not a new name to film nerds. For us, this is the film that pissed Tarantino off so unbelievably he tried to sue the internet. For a while now, the future of the film has been largely uncertain, due to the leaked script dampening the enthusiasm of the Pulp Fiction director. Now it seems as though everything is back on track and, according to this awesome animated teaser, we’ll be seeing the film sometime this year.


The H8ful Eight was going to be another Tarantino Western, which was odd given how recently Django came out. Django, however, didn’t really feel like a western, so maybe he needs another go at it to play around enough in the Wild West sandbox, and I don’t think anyone has a problem with seeing the Master of Dialogue take another go at the hyper-violent mythos of the early-American West.

The script was leaked, which was understandably disheartening to the director, and then Gawker provided a direct link to the leaked script, which  pissed the director off to the point that he took the site to court over it. Though the case ended anticlimactically, it seems that Tarantino is channeling his rage into the film that long-standing fans have been craving since its announcement.

The teaser initially premiered during Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, and as such only low-quality versions existed before now. While the trailer may not be new, it’s obviously an awesome indicator of the direction production is headed, though the 2015 sticker may be inaccurate now.

The current casting is as follows:

  • Samuel L. Jackson – Marquis Warren aka “The Bounty Hunter”
  • Kurt Russell – John Ruth aka “The Hangman”
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh – Daisy Domergue aka “The Prisoner”
  • Walton Goggins – Chris Mannix aka “The Sheriff”
  • Demian Bichir – Bob aka “The Mexican”
  • Tim Roth – Oswaldo Mobray aka “The Little Man”
  • Michael Madsen – Joe Cage aka “The Cow Puncher”
  • Bruce Dern – General Sandy Smithers aka “The Confederate”

Only time will tell how the film comes along and, until we get another trailer, everything is speculation. I, for one, did not read the script and am ready to be pleasantly surprised. What about you? Did you read the script? Are you pumped for another trip into the deluded psyche of the man who brought us True Romance and Inglorious Basterds? Or do you have no taste? Tell us!

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