You kids and your social media! It’s been a very busy couple of days in the news business with reveals of new trailers for highly anticipated projects both official (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and unofficial (Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice). Maybe the gang behind Warner Bros.‘ other upcoming comic book movie started to feel overshadowed, or maybe some people out there are just messed up folks with nothing better to do than jerk our chains. We don’t know. For whatever reason, Jared Leto decided to interject himself on fans, on a very buys nerd news day, and posted a picture of himself going about two-thirds full Joker for Suicide Squad on Snapchat.

Now Leto’s Joker transformation for the upcoming film about the team of DC Comics super-villains has been chronicled on social media, from the chopping off of his long, luxurious, Jesus-like brown locks, to the bleach blonding process that prepares him for the greenifying of his hair in the electric shade of the Clown Prince of Crime. So how does he look now? Glad you asked.


Well that’s a little frightening in form and function. Looks almost like bad CD cover art rather than a planted bit of promotion for a highly anticipated upcoming movie. It’s worth noting that the picture has since been removed from Snapchat, so we can’t even refer you back to the original source, so it makes you wonder what was the real point here. Was Leto just screwing with us? Is this a beta version of the Joker make-up? Or is the production of Suicide Squad purposefully messing with out minds, cutting in on all the other headlines to make us remember that there’s some doings a transpiring in Toronto? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Suicide Squad will be in theaters everywhere next summer.


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