I’ll admit I was a little slow at realizing that the timelines of Netflix’s Daredevil series and the Avengers movies overlap.  While watching Daredevil, Matt Murdoch would keep saying how real estate was so cheap in Hell’s Kitchen nowadays and I finally got that “Aha!” moment of “Oh yeah!!”  Using the words of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, the last time The Avengers were in New York City, they “…kinda broke it.”

More than just dropping casual references, however, rumors have started circulating that the Defenders – the all-star team featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron First – may just take things up a notch and make an appearance in the 3rd Avengers movie.

Bleeding Cool‘s sources indicate that the four Defenders will make an appearance in Avengers: Infinity Wars- Part 2.

Only one of the shows in the Defenders series, Daredevil, is currently on air.  The rest will be released in the subsequent years, so the scheduled big screen release date of May 3, 2019 will give all the characters enough time to, pardon the phrase, “assemble”.

The five Marvel shows making up the Defenders series will give us glimpses into the worlds of Daredevil (with Charlie Cox as Matt Murdoch), Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter, who you may remember from Breaking Bad and The B**** in Apt. 23; starring alongside another familiar face: David Tennant– calling all Dr. Who fans!), Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter), and Iron Fist (whose cast has yet to be determined).

So…Avengers Infinity War I & II COULD POTENTIALLY include Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Vision, War Machine, Spider-Man and/or the Guardians of the Galaxy. I guess there’s reason to stay alive until 2019 then, huh?

But we can speculate about that later. The other rumor from Bleeding Cool is in regards to the fate of Marvel’s other new series, ABC’s  Agent Carter. BC hears the period actioner is “75% confirmed” for a second-season renewal.

It would be a crying shame of Agent Carter didn’t actually get a 2nd season. While the show is critiqued for being inconsequential to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans really dig, and want more of Hayley Atwell’s Carter and James D’Arcy’s Jarvis. Still, is the shows strong characters enough to buck the meager ratings? Bleeding Cool seems to think so, but only time will tell.

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