It appears that Hollywood stars not only have to worry about their phones getting hacked, but also having pictures taken of the pictures on their phone while out with friends. That’s right, it wasn’t a hack, as much as an over the shoulder fanboy photo grab that gives us a look at what could be Jerad Leto in full Joker costume for the first time.Here’s the tweet:

Now here’s a larger version to get a better look:


Note the green hair under that hat. The picture appears to have Joker in a white suit, much like the Dark Knight Returns version of the Clown Prince of Crime.


Does this mean we might see that play out in a future Ben Affleck Batman movie? Unless Leto’s performance completely bombs in Suicide Squad, he’s sure to show up in more DC/Warner Bros. movies as the Joker. You don’t sign an award-winning actor to a role and not us him as much as you can.


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