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When Marvel unveiled their plans for Phase 3 of their Cinematic Universe, they knew what they were doing.  In fact, ever since the House of Ideas started making their own movies, they have either had a game plan in mind or have done a hell of a job faking it.  Phase 3 will be the true test of the power of Marvel, as most of the films involved will feature characters that are new to the MCU, and the fact that millions of people who have never heard of the new characters are chomping at the bit for the release of those movies truly bodes well for the movie house.  Well, two pieces of information (one confirmed, one rumored) have surfaced that may make you love Marvel even harder, if that’s possible.

Captain Marvel

One of the Phase 3 movies announced that has piqued the interest of many-a-fan is Captain Marvel, which will place the character Carol Danvers squarely front and center.  Historically, female led superhero movies haven’t done well at the box office, which has led many studios to shy away from a female led comic book movie.  Marvel, on the other hand, decided to simply do it the right way.  It has been confirmed that Marvel has hired Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve to pen the first female led feature from the studio.  You are familiar with Perlman’s work, as she has worked with Marvel Studios in the past, most recently as a co-writer of Guardians of the Galaxy. LeFauve is fresh to the industry, her first feature writing credit being the upcoming Pixar flick Inside Out, but if the trailers are any indication, LeFauve knows what she is doing.   Rumors of Angelina Jolie’s involvement as a director for the film continue to swirl and we can only hope that those rumors turn out to be true.


The second piece of information, this one rumored, is that Marvel is courting Adam McKay for a Phase 3 picture.  This one comes to us courtesy of Collider who, during the Age of Ultron press junket, asked Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige about those McKay rumors that we keep hearing about:

Adam McKay is in the running for everything. Adam McKay is a great, great writer and director. He did an amazing pass on the Ant-Man draft with Paul Rudd for us, and I didn’t know him before then. And we got to know him through that and liked him very much, and have met with him a number of times trying to find something else, so we’ve talked about a lot of characters with him.

Looking at the upcoming slate of Marvel movies, it is tough to see just where the Anchorman scribe could fit into the picture, considering he is a comedic writer/director.  We keep hearing that Inhumans would be the picture but the best fit for McKay may actually be the new Spider-Man flick.  Of course, Drew Goddard has been rumored to be on board to direct Spidey, so we will just have to wait and see.

While WB/DC continues to hide their Wonder Woman, Disney/Marvel is putting plenty of trust in the power of Captain Marvel, which really punctuates the differences between the studios.  That being said, WB has been bitten in the past by Supergirl, Catwoman, and Batman and Robin, which featured Batgirl in a primary role, so their apprehension is a bit understandable.  Marvel has made a brave, and necessary, decision to actually pursue a female centric comic book movie and it appears that, as usual, they know exactly what they are doing.  As for McKay, the jury is still out on that one but if he had his hands in Ant-Man, which looks pretty wonderful, chances are that the property that he winds up grabbing will be in good hands.

Which movie do you think is right for McKay?  Are you excited for the new Captain Marvel movie?


Sources: Marvel, Collider

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