Telltale Games, the developers behind classic franchises like Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island  are going to be producing a game for MARVEL in the not-too-distant future. Details at the moment are scarce, but one assumes it will be in Telltale’s signature point-and-click adventure style, and the question is…will that work for a big-budget release?


Telltale Games has been making waves recently with the announcement that the studio will craft a series based on Game of Thrones, and have previously created playable adventures plucked from the worlds of Back To The Future, Jurassic Park, and The Walking Dead. It seems a great fit for the game company to try its hand at the adaptation of the Marvel universe, but does their style integrate well into the land of mutants and superheroes?

Telltale was created when a team of designers left LucasArts to strike it out on their own and, after some relatively unknown titles, found a welcoming home on the burgeoning market of digital retail, being featured extensively on Steam and PSN. But, while the Walking Dead series received rave reviews and Monkey Island has a serious cult following, the action-packed Marvel universe may not lend to the largely story-driven gameplay Telltale is known for.

Back to the Future as a game was slow and plodding and Sam and Max encountered the same pace-related stumbling blocks. While they seem to have mastered the art of the point-and-click adventure game, without a wealth of engrossing dialogue and heavy choices, they may fail.

Not that the Marvel universe isn’t big on story. Any of its hardcore fans will tell you about the depth and complexity of the brand’s series, but the movies have had a flashier bent to them in recent years. Avengers was an hour-and-a-half of incredible fight sequences and destruction, while the story was a tad one-dimensional. They threw in humor for good measure, but other than deaths that didn’t actually matter, there was very little in the way of story-driven intrigue.

One of the reasons the Walking Dead games were praised so highly was that your choices effected the game to such an extent that you had to replay just to see where the narrative ended up if played differently. It made you crave the next installment and had some very serious, thought-provoking story elements that made every choice nerve-wracking and rewarding. Unless Telltale hits the sweet spot and finds a way to give fans the action they crave with the story that keeps them around, this could be a critical failure.

Are you pumped to see what Telltale games does with this licensing, or is it worrisome? Let us know!

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