The Nerdist started a You Tube channel called Because Science with host Kyle Hill. Their first video explained the scientific reasons behind why Tony Stark’s suit doesn’t kill him, which was fascinating. They’ve released a new episode for us to check out that explores the science behind The Man Without Fear Daredevil and how he can see without sight.

Here’s the description that they offer for it:

How does DAREDEVIL protect his neighborhood despite being blind? Kyle tells you all about echolocation and how we can all be more Daredevil-like on Because Science.

Seeing some specials like this about blind people echolocating and bats, I have tried to teach myself echolocation. Via clicks, I can tell basic things like the distance to a wall or the general scale of the environment I’m in. It’s a neat party trick. Alas, I still can’t manage to pee in the toilet with the lights off.

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