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Back in the hazy, mullet-fueled days of the 1990s Nintendo did something really cool. They held a World Championship event for their fans, inviting competitors in to battle for glory in a gauntlet of games and some pretty cool, insanely rare NES cartridges. One of these little bastards even recently sold for the ridiculous sum of $100,000 dollars. Now, 25 years later, Nintendo is bringing the World Championship event back to E3 2015. It’s set to kick off their presence at gaming’s biggest conference along with a few other events, which are detailed here in an amusing little video. 

It seems the plan is to host some events at specific Best Buy locations before the start of E3 and have the winners of those events join them in LA for the REAL tournament, which will be broadcast live on June 14. There is no word yet on what games or prizes will be featured in the event, but it’s safe to assume that it’ll be a gauntlet of Nintendo’s games, with every contestant having to meet a goal before moving on to the next title in a race-style competition. Get to this score, progress that far in a level, and that sort of thing. It should be fun to watch.

If the prizes are anything like they were back in 1990, I’m hoping the competitors take REALLY good care of them and not use them at all. Gaze upon THIS beauty which, as previously mentioned, is one of the carts that sold for $100K

Nintendo World Championship2

What do you think? Does this help amp you up for Nintendo’s announcements at E3? Do you think they’ll sneak a new game into the competition to wow the audience and players? Sound off in the comments, friends!

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