Now Underworld isn’t the most imaginative franchise ever made. Nor is it the most innovative. You also can’t argue that it has the best action, or coherent storytelling, or a compelling supporting cast…. You know what? Let’s just say it’s got its flaws. One of those flaws, however, is not Kate Beckinsale. Her performance in three out of four Underworld movies affirmed Beckinsale’s position as one of the preeminent kick ass heroines of our time. Could you have an Underworld movie without its leather clad, two-pistol packing, kick-punch delivering leading lady? You can, but do you want to? Well, the good news is you don’t have to because Beckinsale will be back for part 5.

Now it’s been a while since we’ve heard boo about Underworld 5, which is weird because the last film Underworld: Awakening left things pretty wide open for a sequel. Way back in September, it was strongly inferred that Theo James, star of the Divergent series, would taking over as the series lead, but like in Awakening he will now be Beckinsale’s co-star. According to sources, the production is also looking for two actresses to play new roles in the movie.

Anna Foerster will be directing the new Underworld from a script by Apollo 18 scribe Cory Goodman. Foerseter’s directing experience comes from lensing episodes of Outlander and Madame Secretary, but her background is in working with Roland Emmerich as second unit director on The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, and as director of photography on White House Down. Interestingly, original Underworld director Len Wiseman also got his break working with Emmerich in the effects department of Stargate and Independence Day.

As for story, rumors suggest that the movie will feature a new, young generation of vampires and lycans duking it out for supernatural superiority. Presumably Beckinsale’s Selene as an older more experienced vampire will be some kind of arbiter or mentor to whip the kids into shape. Weirdly, there’s no word if the movie will follow-up on any of the dangling threads of Awakening, of which there were a few: the whereabouts of Michael (Scott Speedman), the follow-up of the human purge of the vampires and Lycans, or how the Lycans almost beat the vampires forever. If previous Underworld movies have been any indication though, it’s unlikely we’ll get follow-up to any of those stories.

Interestingly, Underworld is expected to start shooting in October in Prague, which will return the series to its Eastern European setting which it abandoned after the first film in favor of shooting Vancouver. We’ll keep you posted with any news that comes in on the as-yet untitled Underworld sequel.

Source: MovieWeb

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