Will Stephen Amell Wear the ‘Arrow’ Suit Again?


Can you have Arrow without the Arrow? That’s a question that fans may be pondering all summer long thanks to some new comments from star Stephen Amell. As I’m sure those of you who caught last week’s season finale “I Am Oliver Queen,” know, the third season ended in a very definitive new direction for the character, one that literally saw him ride off into the sunset with the priorities of the Emerald Archer left far behind him. But Arrow is going into its fourth season, so how can Oliver Queen get a happy ending, and how long till he suits up again? Well, according to Amell, the answer is never.


In an interview with E! Online during Arrow’s wrap party, Amell told a reporter that of his TV superhero alterego, “He’s done. Arrow is done. No more Arrow suit. I’ve worn it for the last time.”

Uh huh. But how can you have Arrow without you-know-who? Amell himself can’t answer that question in any kind of definitive way. “I was anticipating that there would be some happiness mixed with angst because coming out of each season I’ve known where our path was going. I have no idea what’s happening in Season Four.”

Arrow will not be without superheroes when it comes back in the fall. Black Canary is still out there kicking butt and taking names, and she will be helped by the new and improved Speedy and a perhaps costumed John Diggle. Of course, when Amell says that he’s worn the “Arrow suit” for the last time, that doesn’t mean that we isn’t going to wear any suit. With the new lighter tone Amell hinted at, perhaps this marks a transformation point from the Arrow to Green Arrow.

It’s also worth pointing out that Amell did appear in the Arrow costume in the recently released Legends of Tomorrow trailer, which may or may not be a dodge. Upon seeing it, I did wonder if it was perhaps some kind of sizzle reel meant to demonstrate what the Legends of Tomorrow could looked like instead of being actual footage from the series, in which case, Arrow appearing as Arrow makes more sense given what happened last Wednesday. I guess we’ll find out with absolute certainty when Arrow returns in October on the CW.

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