The X-Men: Days of Future Past- Rogue Cut, set to be released July 14th on Blu-ray, boasts a lot of bonus footage. Over 90 minutes of never before seen special features have been promised, including (along with more Rogue), a sneak peek at the upcoming Fantastic Four movie!

In addition to the theatrical version of Days of Future Past, the Blu-ray also includes the Rogue Cut version, which contains 17 minutes to the original. As to be expected, these 17 minutes are focused mainly on Rogue (Anna Paquin), and includes a restored action scene of her breaking out of a Sentinel controlled prison camp.

Other special features offered in the Rogue Cut are audio commentary by Bryan Singer and John Ottman for the Rogue Cut, and Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg for the theatrical cut. Also: Mutant vs. Machine, X-Men: Unguarded, Gallery, and Second Screen App.

This Blu-ray looks like it’s going to be pretty loaded; most likely a must-have for any and all super fans!

Source: ComicBook

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