This information is still strictly resigned to the rumor mill for now, but the Youtube channel The Hashtag Show is reporting that Sony and Marvel are eyeing Matthew McConaughey to play Norman Osborne in their newest Spider-Man installment. The channel isn’t that widely known, but has had a few confirmed leads in the past; including some early Avengers: Age of Ultron spoilers. So while it may not be wise to get your hopes up, you may not want to completely dismiss this news.

McConaughey has openly addressed his willingness to appear in a comic book movie, and has even recently revealed that he’d read scripts from both Marvel and DC in the past.

It’s hard to picture him without his southern drawl, but appearance-wise, McConaughey seems like he could be a good fit as the elder Osborn. He has that villain-ready look: a mixture of a bit weathered with a pinch of crazy.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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