Homer and Marge Simpson.  Worf and Troi.  Scarlet Witch and The Vision.  Beauty and the Beast.  Amy Pond and Rory DoesHeEvenHaveaLastName.  Like all good marriages, the two entities that are coming together should have a common bond, something that they can build a stronger foundation on, even if they are at their core a little different.  As of today, we can add a new Power Couple to the list: Hot Topic and Think Geek

According to multiple sources (reported earlier today by RTTNews as one of the first), the union is pretty much a done deal.  Geeknet, Inc. – parent of company of ThinkGeek and a few relevant subsidiaries – has announced that it will be acquired by Hot Topic, Inc., for a price of $17.50 per share.  For those of you unfamiliar with shares, stock, and the more technical dealings of the business world, you can simply envision the sale like I do: lots of people in a conference room with fists full of money yelling “Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell!” until they all agree to take a lunch break.  The total equity value of the deal is said to be around $122 million.

Hot Topic, Inc., of course, is the owner and operator of every uncool parent’s least-favorite store in the mall: the one that plays rock music just slightly too loud and features lots of clothing and accessories with big metal spikes or geeky characters (sometimes both, neat!).  While it’s too soon to say for sure what changes, if any, this acquisition might spark in the day-to-day offerings of ThinkGeek’s awesome website and online store, hopefully the melding of two pop-culture focused retailers will breed nothing but even more awesomeness for those of us who love to throw our hard-earned money at the newest, coolest “stuff.”

It’s worth noting that, as per usual in the business world, the deal is far from complete, as most deals of this nature are subject to a wide array of contingencies, conditions, and other very business-school-type terms.  Of course, this is all just small potatoes in the business world until the World of Warcraft folks decide to stop biding their time and buy both Hot Topic, Inc. and Wal-Mart, unleashing the geeky terror of WoW-Marts upon an unsuspecting nation.

What say you, humble Bastards?  Do you think this move will pay dividends for us merch-lovers, or do you think a geek-consumer storm is a-brewin’ on the horizon?

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