Truth time: the world as we know it has been heinously below its quota of ALL BRUCE CAMPBELL ALL THE TIME for a while now.  Fortunately, the screwheads in charge of Hollywood seem to be finally wizening up, as the beyond-enticing TV series “Ash vs. the Evil Dead” is ramping up production as we speak – er, type and read.  Earlier this week, we seem to have gotten the first bit of behind-the-scenes juiciness directly from The Man Himself, via his Twitter feed. 

Bruce is a fairly active chap on the social medias – on Twitter, he responds at random to other celeb’s tweets and has a lovely #lollygagging trend where he reposts pictures of people relaxing with their feet crossed in various locales… no definitive word on whether his Friendster profile is still active – and he’s posted a few random photos and updates over the last month with the #AshvstheEvilDead tag, but just a few days ago he gave the fans their first substantial look at some production grooviness.  Check out the photo below:

As a person who has been on the set of a few horror productions in my day, this stuff certainly looks like “the real deal” – take special note of the different bottles labeled by their color.  “Bright” and “dark” will allow for either freshly-shed blood or viscera that has been caked on and drying for a while, both of which, quite frankly, sound awesome to see in just about any TV series.  The small bottle in the front, tilted on its side, looks to be a thicker grade, which works extremely well for “action” shots where the camera will actually capture the insides of one’s body becoming the not-insides-anymore.  Definitely could have used more of this action on “Teletubbies…”

What intrigues me most about the photo, however, is the clear cup in the back-right corner of the photo.  This might best be described as a “tall drink o’flesh” – it looks to me like it’s some prosthetic hanging skin or possibly some entrails to dangle as needed.  The show will be produced and shown on the Starz network, meaning it should be able to follow the premium-cable pattern of showing pretty much whatever the hell it wants, so I’d imagine the effects team has the green-light to be as gory and gross as their twisted little minds can imagine.  Indeed, Bruce himself mentions in the tweet that the blood kit is “feared and revered” on set; odds are good that if you see a production guy coming your way with this bucket of nonsense, a warm post-scene shower and vigorous scrub-down are likely in your near future.

Okay, dear readers: who is familiar with the “Evil Dead” movies?  What are you hoping to see most in this series when it debuts?  And for the love of all that’s holy, who has seen “Evil Dead: The Musical” and what did you think?  Sound off in the comments below!

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