The Batman Strikes on ‘Suicide Squad’ Set


Shooting on Suicide Squad continued on Yonge Street in Toronto last night, as the downtown core played host to a thrilling car chase in what’s presumed to be Gotham City. As with the previous night’s activities, the now famous Joker-mobile was spotted on set, but following Monday night’s appearance by the Batmobile there was something new to get fans excited, a full-blown appearance by the Dark Knight himself. Fans lining up for a glimpse at the Joker’s ride, were treated with the first public appearance by Batman, which naturally sent social media a twitter with new videos and photos of what’s expected to be a very exciting scene in the Suicide Squad.

Looks like it was a busy night for “Batman” in “Gotham City”…

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Now obviously, this was the work of stunt men. Jared Leto was not behind the wheel, and Ben Affleck was not on top of the car. Long has it been rumored though that Batman played by Affleck, who will first be seen in the part in next spring’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, will appear in Squad. In fact, he was scene on the streets of Toronto around the same time shooting on Suicide Squad began. And though the appearance of the Batmobile Monday night was a pretty strong indicator, Tuesday night’s sighting the Bat-Stuntman is even more definitive that Affleck will appear in at least appear in a cameo capacity as Batman. Likely to apprehend the Joker and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) at the top of the film.

Filming will continue on that same stretch of Yonge tonight before moving on to other exteriors. Affleck was spotted in Toronto at the end of April, so it maybe unlikely that he’ll appear in the scene presently shooting unless his role in the film is more substantial than we were lead to believe.

I guess we’ll find out for certain when Suicide Squad hits theaters everywhere next summer.


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