Thanks to the Annie Leibovitz‘s Vanity Fair Star Wars: The Force Awakens photo spread, we’ve seen some fantastic looks into the characters of the film. Now we’ve got a previously unpublished picture of Andy Serkis all Mo-Cap-Geared up and looking very serious… or should I say Sith-ious, because this picture comes with some additional information about the character Serkis will be playing. Proceed at your own spoiler risk!

Here he is in all his Supreme Leader Snoke glory:


Now what do we know about Supreme Leader Snoke? Not a lot but there are some rumors floating around about what Snoke looks like:

Andy Serkis’ character basically looks like an old man, zombie like, almost risen from the dead.  He is being referred to as “Uber”, similarly to how Ridley is being called Kira and Nyong’o is being called Rose.  “Uber” has communication with Adam Driver’s Sith character, and a character played by Domhnall Gleeson. Serkis potentially is the Master pulling the strings from behind the scenes.   


Darth Plagueis

What do you think, will Serkis be around for more than one Star Wars film?


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