You certainly can’t blame CBS for being a little skittish in going back to the Star Trek TV-series well.  The company owns the rights to any potential Trek television franchise, and the rating numbers speak for themselves: a steady decline in viewership – and by extension, perceived interest – since the hey-days of Star Trek: The Next Generation coupled with the popularity of the “rebooted” film series probably leaves the powers-that-be wondering if fans would show enough interest in an ongoing televised series to make it worth the company’s financial investment.

That certainly doesn’t stop the ideas from flowing and the pitches from being made, of course.  One of the most vocal and tenacious propositions, in fact, has been coming from one of Trek’s very own stars: Worf himself, actor Michael Dorn.  For at least three years now, Dorn has been championing the idea of his character, a full-fledged starship Captain that somehow just keeps finding himself at the Tactical station on the bridge of the Enterprise, back to commanding his own vessel in a series he has dubbed Captain Worf

While CBS seems to have shown very little interest in green-lighting this series (and any other Trek-related shows, for that matter), that hasn’t stopped Dorn and the legion of fans that are attempting to rally his cause.  Indeed, Dorn (who doesn’t have nearly as big of a forehead as I made up in my mind that he did) continues to roll ideas around, and he’s recently taken to doing more than an few sit-down chats with the Cinema Source website to speak in very vague terms about said ideas.  Here’s one of the more recent chats:

While I think it’s very cool that a Star Trek celeb and the fans are so into the idea of continuing the franchise on the small screen, I’m just not sure how much traction they’re legitimately going to be able to make with the big-wigs over at CBS.  In a separate post on their site, the folks over a Cinema Source seem to have started a quirky “write-in campaign” where they are asking fans to send boxes of mini-muffins to CBS execs… because Worf loves miniature baked pastries?

What say you, Trekkies/Trekkers of the internet?  Do you think this show would have merit, or would you rather see something else completely?  Use the Comments section to pitch your best idea!

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