It took 3 simple words to steal viewers’ hearts in Guardians of the Galaxy: I. Am. Groot. So completely smitten were we with this tree that the folks at Marvel have seen it fit to give Groot his own comic series! Set to debut June 3rd, some preview pages of the comic have been released from the Marvel team to prove that yes, it is possible to build a cohesive storyline around a main character whose vocabulary is limited to 3 words.

The story is helped pushed along by Rocket Raccoon, who is with Groot at the beginning of his journey. He’s present for just enough time to set the scene for us and pepper in the all-important details. Groot does eventually take center stage, however, after he and Rocket are separated, and we follow our leafy friend on an intergalactic road trip; complete with space sharks and aliens.

Jeff Loveness is the writer of the series, with art done by Disney alum Brian Kesinger. Rocket has already had his turn at a spin-off comic, and it seems like a fun contrast between what readers will see from Groot’s level-headed, simplistic point of view as opposed to Rocket’s hyper one.

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