Unless you’ve been living in a cave, or more specifically a cave without WiFi, then you must have seen at least a few of the numerous pictures and videos coming from David AyersSuicide Squad set. So much in fact that many fans have been very vocal in the comments section, wondering if there was anything left of the movie to see. David Ayers recently answered those speculations with this tweet.

It’s interesting that Ayers felt the need to announce it in this way. Could it be in response to all the Social Media interaction from the huge cast? Just about all of them have Tweeted, Instagramed, Facebooked or used what ever Social Media platform they could get their hands on to show fans what was happening on set.

Let’s not forget all the fan and paparazzi pictures and videos that have hit the Internet every day the production was filming in the streets. What do you think, are you comfortable with all the sneak peeks that get captured on sets these days?

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