‘Aquaman’ Signs On a Furious Director

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Regardless of how you feel about the Marvel vs. DC movie scuffle, one thing’s for certain – Warner Bros./DC has a reputation for making some rather unconventional choices. The Aquaman project isn’t set to release for another three years, but they’re getting right on top of it and now they’ve finally pinned down a director. The choice for this flick, however, is anything but unconventional. In fact, WB is looking at one of Hollywood’s top action directors for the job – James Wan.

Most will know of James Wan from his position atop the latest Fast and Furious flick, Furious 7. While I wouldn’t consider the movie a work of art, it has impressed audiences enough that the powers-that-be have made a shit-ton of money and will be continuing the franchise (possibly forever). Wan also helmed the original Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring and Insidious: Chapter 2. So he’s not just an action guy, but can put out a fairly decent horror flick as well.

But can he bring justice to Aquaman?

I’ve been on the DC train as far as big screen movies go. They’re putting out more cerebral films than Marvel is and that’s what I, personally, like to see. But Wan seems far from cerebral in his approach to filmmaking. Will Aquaman turn out to be 50% explosions and chase scenes? Or will Wan’s horror expertise enter into the mix? Action and terror don’t sound like any sort of Aquaman movie I would ever imagine, but WB has been making some bold choices with the way they put their franchise together. We could be looking at flick that breaks the mold and opens up new possibilities for super hero flicks.

In addition to Aquaman, Wan has a busy slate for the next couple of years. He’s attached to direct The Conjuring 2 and just recently also signed on to take the helm of the live-action Robotech adaptation. So it’s a good thing that the DC project isn’t set to release for another three years. It’s also a good sign that Warner Bros. knows what they’re doing, since they want Wan so badly that they’re willing to sign him up so far ahead of production. And Zack Snyder and his crew will be working in the production department, so we should see a good degree of consistency regarding the franchise as a whole.

Unfortunately, we won’t truly know what all this means for a couple more years when production does finally start. Until then, it’s wait and see and cross your fingers that we don’t have to sit through 2+ hours of The Fish and the Furious.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Do you think Wan has what it takes to make a compelling super hero flick? Or is this going to end up being a low-point in the DC movie franchise?


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