Yesterday, Bethesda posted a tweet which lead gamers to a web page with a mysterious Standby image with a running countdown. There’s just about an hour left on the countdown currently so we should know exactly what this means soon. What is everyone expecting? Fallout 4! One of the most requested, anticipated, dreamed about gaming sequels ever! e54

Here’s the tweet that started all the hubbub:

When Bethesda made the announcment that they would be attending their first ever E3, many felt that something big was in the works, something really big. Now it looks like Bethesada isn’t waiting until then to start the media blitz rolling. Let’s all hope this turns out the way we think and isn’t some cruel prank.

Check back in an hour or so and we’ll have the big announcement, or at least what ever happened when the countdown clock ran out.


These images popped up an hour earlier than the countdown ending, the Fallout Four trailer that we’re all expecting when the countdown ends should be along soon.



More as it becomes available.

Via: Bethesada

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