After Cary Fukunaga walked away from New Line’s adaptation of Stephen King’s It, the project was thought to be dead by pretty much everyone, including King, himself.  Given the surprising casting of We’re The Millers’ Will Poulter as the terrifying creature/alluring clown Pennywise, plenty of people were curious to see just what Fukunaga had in store for the new vision of the tale.  Well, writer/director Vincenzo Natali has just released some concept art that may scare you enough to wish that It was still a reality.

While the project shifts from New Line to Warner Brothers, audiences who were chomping at the bit to witness the terror bestowed upon Derry, Maine are left with a hole in their hearts thanks to Fukunaga’s abrupt departure.  Natali has taken to social media to give us some looks at a few of his projects that went undeveloped.  Among these treasures, Pennywise, that murderous clown that instilled coulrophobia in an entire generation of children, is featured prominently.  There is no indication whether this was the incarnation of the ancient creature that Fukunaga would be putting on screen but it does offer a terrifying vision.


HOLY. SHIT. Those are amazing!  Major props go out to the artist, Amro Attia, for a job MORE than well done. Now, first thing’s first: is this a scary Pennywise? Oh, you bet your sweet patootie!  There is no word as to the inspiration for these concepts but it is very possible that the devil sent a demon clown up from hell to pose for Attia, in an attempt to give the audience an authentic experience.  This is almost certainly true for the image in the upper right.


Where the concept art falters a bit is in the source material.  Pennywise the clown had his scary moments when the children of Derry saw his true self or his “dead lights”, or even that last scene with The Losers’ Club when he becomes something even more terrifying than a clown, but for the most part, Pennywise looked like a normal, everyday clown that children loved and would follow.  These images may represent Pennywise in his more evil forms rather than showing him dressed to the nines before greeting his adoring public but without any sort of reference, we are just left to guess. Pennywise wasn’t the only creature on display during Natali’s Twitter art show.  He was also kind enough to share some concept art for his Predator pitch, which was painted by Dan Milligan and Amro Attia, as the case may be:  

Plus, a few select storyboards from that same Predator pitch:

Gotta admit, it would be pretty great to see that Attia Predator in action, even if it strays from Predator’s origins and source material.

What do you think of the concept art? How do you feel about that Pennywise?

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