New Ghost Face Mask for ‘Scream’ TV Series Revealed.


No matter what you may think of the Scream series of films, the Ghost Face mask became an iconic image, a frozen screech contorted into a form not unlike the classic painting “The Scream” by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. The image looked back at us from four movies, and hundreds of Halloween racks for the last 20 years, so when a TV version of Scream was announced for MTV we all wondered if Ghost Face would make the transfer intact, if he made the transfer at all. Now, a new image from the show reveals that Ghost Face has gotten a facelift, something evocative of the original, but with a new spin. (Fashion is not my forte.)

In the latest issue of EW, there’s a picture of the new mask and an explanation from the show’s executive producer as to its significance and what they took into consideration when designing it. First, behold Ghost Face 2.0:


So in terms of aesthetics, it’s a bit less articulated, and has the addition of leather straps that make it look a bit like some kind of freaky hockey mask. And that’s just the sort of thing there were going after, according to the show’s producer.

“It evokes some of the Jason hockey mask and the white Michael Myers mask,” explained Jill Blotevogel. “But it’s still first and foremost evocative of the Scream mask. It’s sort of a reinvention while also paying homage.”

But why re-invent at all?

“The [original] mask is so iconic. If you were to have that mask in a television series, but you weren’t following any of the characters [from the original], I believe that would be misleading the audience,” added executive producer Jaime Paglia.

But does Wes Craven approve? “The new mask is cool and scary and takes the series into a new direction,” said the man behind all four Scream films (not to mention horror classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Last House on the Left). “It also ties into the story, which I won’t give away.”

Not much has been given away so far. In fact all we know about the plot is that it starts with a You Tube video going viral, which is then the “catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the small town of Lakewood’s troubled past.” We know that, and we also know that Bella Thorne will be re-enacting – whatever that means – the famous opening scene from the first Scream where Drew Barrymore is chased around the house and killed as Ghost Face’s first (on-screen) murder. Everything else will be revealed in the fullness of time. June 30 to be precise.

Scream debuts later this month on MTV.

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