A new Ultimate Spider-Man trailer has been released, and this one is a little different; mostly because this trailer is for a movie that does not exist. Yet. This trailer is, rather, a sign of hope, and proves the point that this movie can exist. “This movie” being a Spider-Man movie where the titular web slinger is not Peter Parker, but half Hispanic-half African American Miles Morales.

Josh Williams created this movie concept trailer for a contest sponsored by his local ComiCon. He was spurred by all the media talk of who the next Spider-Man would be, and saddened by the fact that “There’s not a lot of black superheroes in film period.” Williams goes on to say:

“I made this film, honestly, because I’m tired of African-Americans in many films still being portrayed as ghetto gangsters and thugs. And sadly, many of these films are by African-Americans! I see this trend in culture where we say we’re tired of being victims of racial injustice, yet we still act the fool and consume content that feeds on the idea. I wanted to make a film that shows a bi-racial kid (Miles Morales is both African-American and Hispanic) just out there being a hero. I wanted to show a teenage black kid who is out there on the streets saving his city from destruction. Instead of joining the corruption, he’s fighting against it. In the process of making the trailer I didn’t even have time to delve into Miles’ parents and touch on his ethnic background. I just wanted to show him being Spider-Man!”

That’s when the trailer he was creating took a turn from being a means of winning a contest to a means of inspiring others. Williams pointed out that in an interview with The Playlist, producer of many of the Spidey films Avi Arad voiced his opinion that Peter Parker should always be Spider-Man in the movies. Hopefully he and many others will watch William’s trailer and realize that Morales is more than capable of being Spider-Man. Perhaps this trailer will fuel others that feel under-represented in the comic book world to speak up and do something about it as well!  Williams also claims the trailer is “not perfect, (and of course could be better),” I personally think it’s beautifully done with undeniable talent, and a brave step in the right direction.

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