I was just saying to myself last week, “Self – it’s been far, far too long since Uwe Boll has done something bat-crap crazy.” Well, now I can rest easy, because everyone’s favorite B-list Hollywood maniac is at it again. After famously challenging movie critics to a boxing match – and actually going through with some of them – almost a decade ago, Boll posted multiple videos to YouTube over the weekend, blasting his fans, the Kickstarter staff, the crowdfunding model in general, Hollywood “elitists,” and even his potential future investors. 

I could fill this entire page with ridiculous quotes from his videos, but instead I’ll post them below and let you enjoy them in all their lunatic glory. Basically, Boll is pissed because the film he’s trying to raise money for, Rampage 3, is just a few days short of falling well short of its targeted goal (roughly $56,000 American) on Kickstarter. Boll even posted on Friday that he had found a “generous donor” who would match any pledges made over the weekend, in an attempt to drum up some excitement about the project; the weekend pledge tally came in at just a hair over $2,500, not nearly as much as I’m sure Boll wanted, nor was it enough to save the project from Kickstarter failure. For the record, Boll also did an Indiegogo campaign a few months ago for the same film – under his wife Natalie’s name – to crowd-fund $100,000… and was able to raise a whopping $6,000. Via Indiegogo’s crowdfunding platform rules, he got to keep that money.

“Basically, my message is f—k yourself,” Boll says in the video below. Tell us how you really feel, Uwe! He goes on to call the Kickstarter staff “retarded amateur idiots collecting money,” even though there have been thousands of successfully KS campaigns to date, and he wants to make sure you know that “I have enough money to play golf until I’m dead,” which probably doesn’t sound like a terrible idea for him to spend the rest of his time on this planet.

Check out the videos below and let us know in the comments – what’s YOUR favorite line from Boll’s rants?

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