The July 17th release date for Marvel‘s latest big gamble Ant-Man is fast approaching and we’ve reached the “Clip Stage” of the marketing blitz. Marvel just released this newest clip in which funny man Paul Rudd‘s Scott Lang character finds out that, “It’s time to become the Ant-Man.”

Here the Tweet from Marvel:


What did you think? This is our first look at Michael Pena‘s character Luis. He’s the prison cell mate of Scott Lang. I’m guessing Luis helps Lang get through his time in the pokey and Lang calls on him to help when he becomes the Ant-Man.

What do you think about this movies chances at the box office? Will is catch the Guardians of the Galaxy magic or will it be the first Marvel movie since Iron Man to tank at the box office? Well, we know it won’t really tank, but will it be the red-headed stepchild of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Via: Marvel Twitter


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