James Cameron Offers Praise for ‘Terminator: Genisys’


To say that fan expectations about the upcoming Terminator: Genisys have been mixed is something of an understatement. Obviously, we want it to be good, we’re hoping to be treated to another kick ass Terminator adventure, but after the two-time TKO of Rise of the Machines and Salvation, anything that has the word Terminator in it, but lacks the involvement of the original film’s co-writer and director James Cameron, is definitely suspect. And that’s probably why for this first Terminator: Genisys featurette, the production invited the King of the World to take a break from authoring the further adventures of Pandora with the Avatar sequels to tell us why he thinks Genysis is good enough.

In a video posted to JoBlo, Cameron offered his insights into the third Terminator sequel made without his direct input. The plot of the film involves some tinkering with the original timeline, as Sarah Connor (now played by Emilia Clarke) meets Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) who’s sent back from the future to save her in the year 1984, but finds a whole new reality where Sarah is aligned with an aged T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and being pursued by the T-1000 (Byung-hun Lee).

Given that Genisys is an overly elaborate cover song of Cameron’s two Terminators, he was either going to love it or hate. Guess which way he went in this *promotional* material? “I feel like the franchise has been reinvigorated, like this is a renaissance,” the filmmaker said. But don’t take his word for it, there are some clips in there to prove it too.

While I appreciate Cameron’s endorsement, you maybe thinking that he endorsed the last two sequels as well. Actually no, he didn’t disapprove, and he even lent a hand to McG by suggesting Avatar star Sam Worthington for a pivotal role in Salvation, but he didn’t before go all out like this. Either Cameron’s enthusiasm for Genisys is genuine, or he’s putting a new floor on his house as we speak. Not to be too cynical, of course, but how often have we heard creators of films being remade wax poetically about the greaterness of the remakes?

Cameron said in summation, “If you love the Terminator films, you’ll love this movie.” I guess we’ll know for certain when Terminator: Genisys hits theaters everywhere on July 1.

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