It seems like just yesterday that tens of thousands of eager fanboys and fangirls were gathered around their computers, trying to grab a golden ticket to San Deigo Comic-Con, the pop culture event of the year.  Well, San Diego Comic-Con is now just around the corner and will kick off with their annual Preview Night in just 29 days.  Generally, at this point, SDCC announcements will begin rolling in fast and furious and today, we have a big announcement that will sadden some that received their SDCC registration.  It appears that, as previously rumored, Marvel Studios will indeed be sitting this one out.


The news comes from Deadline who reports that Marvel just doesn’t have anything ready to show at the Pop Culture Mecca this year. That’s right – if the source has this right, Marvel is pulling the mother of all cop outs.  Anyone that has had the opportunity to attend a panel in the almost-holy Hall H knows that it doesn’t take much to get the crowd going.  As the first and second Hunger Games movies came out, the teasers that audiences received in Hall H were simply animated logos and the crowd went wild!  If you want something a little closer to home, in 2013, Harry Lennix, who played General Swanwick in Man of Steel, came on stage to read a passage from Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” before displaying the Batman vs. Superman logo on the screen behind him.  That’s it. This whole presentation took less than 30 seconds.  If you haven’t before, check out the announcement below (Lennix begins at the 55 second mark).  Hall H has never trembled so hard with excitement.

Last year, WB/DC simply showed a brief teaser for the upcoming BvS and then brought out Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) to wave at the audience for about 15 seconds before walking off stage and getting back to their exciting lives.  The point here is that it doesn’t take much to get Hall H audiences on their feet and “Kevin Feige just doesn’t have anything new to show this year” is just about the most transparent excuse to skip a convention ever.  Hell, Marvel could simply march Tom Hiddleston out on stage in full-on Loki mode, have him raise his arms and smile, then walk off, and fans would STILL praise the studio for having the best panel at the event (as they usually do).  No, this isn’t so much a matter of Marvel having nothing to show as it is Disney not wanting to share their toys.


You see, Disney has its own pop culture event called D23 Expo that just happens to be going on in Anaheim August 14-16.  Disney’s event hits Anaheim every two years and beginning in 2011, the years that D23 will be presenting tend to be the same years that Marvel backs off of SDCC.  Why Marvel finds it necessary to tell fans that they have nothing to present rather than simply promoting D23 is anyone’s guess but you can bet that the things that Disney wanted to keep for themselves will be proudly on display at the D23 Expo.  So, if you are someone who loves Marvel but couldn’t secure registration for SDCC, here is the link directly to the D23 Expo page. You’re welcome.

Onto the good news!  With Marvel out of the picture, Warner Bros./DC will likely take advantage of the opportunity to come out of the ring looking like Rocky Balboa after fighting Ivan Drago.  Honestly, after hearing the news, most of the WB execs are probably pulling one of these:


WB/DC has Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad coming up quickly and if there has ever been a time to strike while the pan was hot, this is it.  Batman v. Superman has many fans concerned that the story will be too crowded with characters to truly push any sort of character development or cohesive story in the upcoming not-sequel to Man of Steel.  While fans are also leery of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, they are cautious for completely different reasons, as the film will present audiences with a new version of The Joker, as well as the first on screen appearance of fan favorite Harley Quinn.  The production of the film has offered itself to plenty of bystander videos and on set photos and the response to those images has been generally negative.  With Marvel out of the picture, WB/DC can take the opportunity to deliver the Hall H crowd the type of panel that will live in infamy and emerge as the winners of SDCC.  Whether or not they utilize that opportunity to the fullest will be up to them but, really, it’s a no brainer.


As mentioned, SDCC announcements should begin pouring in very soon.  The official schedule is generally posted about two weeks prior to the event and if SDCC keeps with this tradition, the world should know what to expect from the convention no later than June 28.  In the meanwhile, keep an eye out for announcements from the guests and studios that will be in attendance, as they are usually more excited to announce their presence than SDCC is to share the secret.  If you are running a Hall H Pool with your friends (guessing which properties will show in Hall H, the winner being the person who guessed the most panels correctly), now is the time to solidify those entries! Personally, I have Deadpool and Fantastic Four for Fox on Friday, with WB/DC bringing BvS and Suicide Squad on Sat, but that’s it so far.

What are your SDCC Hall H panel predictions?  Are you a little more excited for the WB/DC panel, now that Marvel is bowing out?  Are you going to hit D23 Expo specifically for Marvel?

Source: Deadline

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