Sugar and spice and everything nice; that’s what little girls are made of. Add in the mysterious “Chemical X” and you get a whole different breed of little girl- a Powerpuff Girl. The Powerpuff Girls, a Cartoon Network animated series following the pint-sized crime fighters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, was created by Craig McCracken in 1998. The series lasted through to 2005, expanding to other platforms with feature films, video games, and more. We haven’t seen much of the girls for a while now, but it seems they’re ready to make a comeback. Debuting once again on Cartoon Network by 2016, The Powerpuff Girls are getting a reboot!

For a reboot, not too much will be changing aesthetically for the Powerpuff Girls. The voice actors will be switched up, but the kid-friendly tone and zany antics will remain the same. Here’s what Cartoon Network’s Chief Content Officer Rob Sorcher had to say about the brand relaunch:

“It has been wonderful to see this new show team bring such passion and positive creative spirit to this iconic property. We know that fans of every age will appreciate this new take on saving the world before bedtime.”

The new voice cast is already set for the girls, with Amanda Leighton (The Fosters) as Blossom, Kristen Li (supporting voice on Monsters University) as Bubbles, and Natalie Palmides (The Brave Cat) as Buttercup. A familiar voice among the reboot will be Tom Kenny, reprising his role as the narrator/mayor of Townsville. Bob Boyle (The Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom) is set as executive producer, along with art director and supervising producer on Adventure Time, Nick Jennings.

With so much of what made The Powerpuff Girls so popular in the first place staying the same, it doesn’t seem the girls should have any problem re-capturing their original fanbase. These same qualities, mixed with new energy and wit the reboot will no doubt be bringing is sure snag new fans as well.  It’s one of those cartoons that, watching it as an adult, don’t feel too childish, and the show is still wholesome enough for children to love just as much.

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