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Nerd Bastards is proud to announce its first entry in its collection of original pop culture inspired tees.

Forged in the stars and landing in the mind of’s own Luke Gallagher and made by the pen of Maverick Designs comes the “Defender of The Nerd-verse” – a mash-up of Voltron and geek cultures most iconic vehicles.


From days not so long ago, from uncharted regions of the your parents basement, comes a legend; the legend of Culture-Tron, Defender of the Nerd-verse –  a mighty tee, loved by geeks, feared by normals. 

Made-up of Doctor Who‘s TARDIS (torso), Back to The Future‘s Delorean (right arm), 1966 Batman Batmobile (left aft), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Can (right leg) and Ghostbuster’s Ecto-1 (left leg), this tee geek-tastic tee is ready for order on our Red Bubble store.

Don this tee and you’ll be representing some of the most iconic vehicles from Nerd culture… and, well, because robots are cool! Wear it loud and proud. You may even have the confidence to take on a Robo-beast or two (that’s no way to talk about your parents).

You can place your order HERE. Hurry before a new horrible menace threatens the galaxy!

In addition T-shirts, we’ve also made the design available for Iphone cases, LeggingsPencil Skirts, Pillows, Mugs and MOAR!!!


*Special thanks for Brooks Smith of Marverick Designs who commissioned this for us. Feel free to give his page a LIKE on Facebook.



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