In terms of all the controversies around Josh Trank‘s remake of Fantastic Four, this one may be the smallest. Still, it’s interesting to note that as we countdown to the August release of the latest version of Marvel’s First Family, Twentieth Century Fox is hoping to help you forget the last time they had the characters in the multiplex, the much-maligned Fantastic Four, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Now depending on your point of view, FF and ROTSS are amongst the worst comic book movies ever made, but if you want to see them now and relive the misery, it looks like you’re going to have to do the unthinkable, and rent or buy the physical DVD or Blu-ray.

According to THR, if you were to go on iTunes or Amazon right now and type in the name “Fantastic Four” you will get a “currently unavailable” message. Evidentially, Fox doesn’t want the awfulness of the two Tim Story-directed FF films to distract from the potential awfulness of the new film, especially since the 2015 film is also called Fantastic Four (and that’s despite the “Fant4stic”  branding). Also, a source inside Fox told THR that the new film will “establish a different tone than the previous releases,” hence the pulling of the Story films.

For you Marvel Studios completists, it’s unlikely that you will never ever be able to watch those movies again, and chances are they’ll be back on the streaming platforms by the end of the year. Sooner if Trank’s FF bombs. Still, it’s a bit weird for Fox to pull the older films, and thus deprive themselves of the opportunity, however tangential, of promoting the new film. Warner Bros. didn’t pull Batman & Robin when Batman Begins came out after all, and Universal didn’t pull Hulk when they released The Incredible Hulk. It’s all part of the crazy tapestry of fits and starts and unusual decisions that have plagued this film from the casting kerfuffle, to the down low promotion, to the rumors of behind the scenes turmoil, and to the feuding between Fox and Marvel, who cancelled the Fantastic Four comic earlier this year. As I said, a small controversy in the grand scheme things…

Fantastic Four, the 2.0 version, will be in theaters everywhere on August 7.

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