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Last week, Jason Statham said some stuff about the Marvel Studios’ oeuvre that were a bit, um, insensitive. That’s the diplomatic way of putting it, because actually he was downright brutal. The word ‘diss’ would not be misused in this situation. Obviously, such utterances are likely to make nerds angry, and you won’t like some nerds when their angry. And the Hulk, or rather the guy that plays the Hulk, well he’s just kind of laughing it off. In a recent interview, Mark Ruffalo was asked about Statham’s summation of his work, and that of the rest of Marvel Studios’ cast, and his reaction is just that this is Statham being Statham.

In case you need a refresher, this is how Statham reacted when he was asked if he was playing Bullseye in the upcoming second season of Daredevil on Netflix.

“I could take my grandma and put her in a cape, and then put her in a greenscreen, and then have stunt doubles come in and do all the action. Anybody can do it. I mean, they’re relying on stunt doubles, and greenscreen, and $200 million budget, it’s all CGI-created. So to me, that is not authentic. I’m inspired by old, real star guys that can really do it.”

Well Ruffalo, who has some experiencing working with CG playing the Hulk now in two Avengers movies, had a humorous, but perhaps shortsighted retort to Statham’s remarks when he was asked about the matter by Vulture.

“I mean, do you really need to ask that question? It’s Jason Statham. He’s like a featherweight. He’s got nothing on me! Clearly.”

I take it that Ruffalo is talking about the interleague acting decathlon, because if he’s talking about a fist fight, I hope Ruffalo realizes that he can’t actually turn into the Hulk. Seriously though, Ruffalo’s built a career on fairly serious dramatic work which has brought him to the forefront of critical praise and awards consideration on numerous occasions. Of course, two Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actor is no substitute for a starring role in the Transporter series, or Paul W.S. Anderson’s Death Race remake, but to each his own.

[The above was a piece of jocularity. Jason Statham, please don’t come and kill me. Thank you.]

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