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As the classic adage goes, “everything old is new again.”  Reboot and remake fever has been at an all-time high over the last decade or so, and now the Powers That Be have turned their sights on one of the classic franchises for twenty- and thirty-somethings: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

True, the Power Rangers have never really left us, with a slew of spin-offs and semi-connected shows that have followed the original 1993 “Americanized” series (which in turn was adapted from the Japanese Super Sentai franchise for US audiences).  But recently we’ve received more and more info on a new movie, set to debut in January 2017, which will feature the characters and storylines from the original series that so many of us grew up with.

The new film – the franchise’s first major theatrical release since the nostalgia-licious 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie – will be directed by Project Almanac helmer Dean Isrealite, and both he and MMPR’s parent company, Saban Entertainment, have been dropping some tidbits about the project as of late.  Israelite spoke with IGN recently, and here’s what he had to say on why he was attracted to the project:

I read the script and was really surprised by it and thought there was a really cool, contemporary, mature but still playful, buoyant and fun take on the material, and was updated in a really interesting way. It had this wonderful character that’s essential to going on a fantastic adventure. I was instantly drawn to it. I remember it as a kid. I grew up with it in South Africa. When I opened the script I had no idea how it was going to be updated, and I was really impressed by it. So I put a really big presentation together, because I needed to win the job. There were a lot of guys going out for it and saw the potential in it, so I put a really big presentation together and was lucky enough to get the job. We’re in sort of a soft pre-production right now, doing a lot of design work and reimagining the world. It’s really cool and exciting.

While Saban and Israelite are still being pretty quiet on the actual content of the film itself, the company did recently release an updated version of the Power Rangers logo – opting to drop the “Mighty Morphin” portion, which I’m still unsure is a good move or a bad one – that we can assume will be used for upcoming promotional material for the film.  Check it out at the top of this article.

The film is rumored to focus on the eons-long relationship of good and evil in the forms of classic MMPR villain Rita Repulsa and eternal guardian of justice Zordon, with the latter mentoring five “teenagers with attitude” to aid him in his quest.  One can only assume that the giant-robot Zords will come into play as well; sadly, no word yet on the inclusion of Alpha Five, Bulk and Skull, or Zedd.  Heck, I wouldn’t even mind an Ivan Ooze cameo…

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