While we may not have seen any flashy new costumes or Batmobile like vehicles from Marvel at The Licensing Expo in Las Vegas this year, there is some refreshing news for all the Marvel fan-girls out there who have almost given up on finding Marvel apparel made for women. Instead of just buying one of the multitude of male t-shirts hanging on the rack, word is that Marvel has heard their female fan’s outcries and will respond with increased female apparel when Captain America: Civil War hits theater screens.MarvelWomen

Here’s what Paul Gitter, senior VP of licensing for Marvel at Disney Consumer Products had to say:

We’ll see an extension mixing in new characters with new skills. There will also be a big focus on adult female apparel.

The Avengers team is both aspirational and hugely merchandisable, made up of multiple, unique heroes coming together with amazing skills, cool vehicles and a high-tech headquarters. ‘Captain America: Civil War’ not only gives us new storytelling for our favorite superheroes, but also introduces new ones allowing us to expand product lines for kids and fans.

I wouldn’t expect to see any Fantastic Four, X-Men, or characters like Storm in the mix though. Marvel is likely to continue its campaign to remove all licensing for those characters while FOX retains the movie rights.

I so think it is important to note that while he does say there will be an increased focus on Adult female apparel, he doesn’t really say it will be focused on Marvel’s female characters. I’m expecting more Marvel shirts, just with a female cut, meaning that the majority of the new female apparel will just be what was on the guys shirts but with a female t-shirt cut.

Sure there will be some Black Widow shirts, and probably some use of the words “Girl Power” in there somewhere.

My question: Is this what the average female Marvel fan really wants? Or would they like to see something more like this:

I know what Marvel t-shirts I would want to buy the ladies in my life and most of them would be from off license t-shirt sites like some of the ones in the second gallery, or one of the few Marvel licensed t-shirts without the overused and frankly condescending “Girl” slogans. My rule is: If I couldn’t pick it out of the laundry when I need a shirt to wear then why would I buy it to give to anyone I care and respect?

OK, I’m stepping down from that soap box that suddenly showed up when I thought about how this is most likely going to turn out. Hopefully there will be more female Marvel Characters apparel as well as more female Marvel apparel… but I’m not gonna hold my breath. I’ll just keep buying shirts on Etsy, Bustedtees, and other sites with custom shirts like the new NerdBastards shirt pictured below.


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