Bethesda had their big E3 Fallout 4 announcement/demonstration earlier today and it was glorious. The game looks incredible and brought back all those fantastic Fallout memories of games past. It has been a hell of a long wait, but all indicators point toward the wait being well worth it as Bethesda cranks Fallout 4 all the way up to 11. That’s right, this game rates all the Spinal Tap references I can shove into it.

Hell, just watch the videos, There is nothing I can say to top what you’re about to see. Let’s start with the new trailer:

Now some game-play videos:

More game-play:

Here’s how the crafting in the game will work:

Finally, Bethesda also announced a new, free to play without micro-transactions Apple platform Fallout Shelter game. It’s not out yet, but should be by the end of Monday.

Well, this will give you something to do until the November 10th, 2015 release date. Yes you heard right, Fallout 4 will release this year. So start checking your platform to make sure you can run Fallout 4 when it hits shelves.

*Note to self.. update my graphics card..


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