With E3, the most wonderful time of year for us gamers, well underway, Bethesda hosted a press conference to demo and reveal all of their wares to the gaming press last night. While most of the attention may be on the spectacular looking Fallout 4, Bethesda also finally showed us some tantalizing footage of their OTHER upcoming big game, Doom 4. Lucky for all of you, we’ve got a few of these videos here for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to have a clean pair of pants ready for the, erm, aftermath before you slam those play buttons.

The videos depict a return to form for Doom, at least in my opinion. The action is tense and arcadey, with monsters popping up all around and large, ridiculous weapons to dispose of them with. Many Doom staples return, like the chainsaw and shotgun, along with plenty more. To my old eyes, it very much looks like a vastly updated take on the original Doom, which is sure to wet many appetites among those who tire of the typical “gritty” modern shooter.

Give them a look and see for yourself!

What do you think? Are you totally stoked for Doom or will you be too busy with Fallout 4 to give a damn? Sound off in the comments!

DOOM is scheduled for release in Spring of 2016.

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