Man, that’s a long title!  But I’ve got a lot to share with you fine Bastards today.  Following on the heels of my review of the film last week, movie-goers around the world turned out in record numbers to check out a sequel 22 years in the making.  The film crushed worldwide opening-weekend expectations, its star is ready and contractually willing to make another film, and your deep, burning question of how much a theme park like this would actually cost is all addressed below – so without further ado, let’s get to it!

Most of the entertainment industry “experts” estimated that, over its opening weekend, Jurassic World would make between $120 million – $150 million domestically and between $220 million – $260 million internationally.  Like the Indominus Rex’s intelligence, the film well surpassed those expectations, raking in an (estimated) $204.6 million here in the States and another $307.2 million overseas, bringing its global total to $511.8 million.  No word yet how well it fared at the sole multiplex on the Moon, AMC’s Armstrong 12.

While it’s important to bear in mind that these numbers are still estimates until the official figures are released early this week, what’s not a guess is how well the public took to the film.  While Jurassic World appears to have fallen just short of the current record-holder for biggest domestic opening-weekend haul – that’s $207.4 million to Marvel’s The Avengers, for the record – with its impressive galaxy-wide take, director Colin Trevorrow and his team of totally-real dinosaurs are on pace to earn another financial honor: they could cross the $1 billion mark more quickly than any movie ever, if they can do it faster than the reigning champ, Furious 7 and their 17-day mark.

Wait a minute, something's not quite right here...

Wait a minute, something’s not quite right here…

Many people think that human stars on-screen in Jurassic World took a back-seat to the rampaging dinos, and if you’ve read my review (linked above if you’re interested), you’ll know that I don’t disagree with them.  However, with Hollywood being Hollywood and all, most executive-types won’t green-light many films that don’t feature bankable stars, and you can rest assured that the next installment in this series (Jurassic Solar System?  Jurassic Galactic Cluster?) will have at least one big-name star.  In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chris Pratt – who plays military man-turned-Velociraptor trainer Owen Grady – responded to a query about if he was already signed on for a sequel thusly:

“I am. They have me for I think 38 movies or something. “

So, y’know, no worries, ladies.  And dudes.  I’m a Chris Pratt fanboy, too!

Last but not least in our Jurassic round-up, check out this awesome video made by the fine folks at Fandango Movieclips.  It’s pretty darn entertaining, and fairly eye-opening from a financial perspective.  Yes, the numbers are estimated and yes, it doesn’t sound feasible, but listen, it’s fine, because imagination.  One glaring omission the Fandango crew forgot to account for, however: insurance costs!  The park has had catastrophic failures with sizable losses of lives twice now in the last 25 years; the lawsuits from survivors and family of those killed ain’t going to be cheap.

If I’m booking my ticket to check out Isla Nublar in the future (and I still would, in a hot minute), you better believe I’m going to have a sizable life insurance policy on myself.  Sound off in the comments below and let us know: even with all the crap that’s happened so far, would you still book a ticket to Jurassic World?

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