Batman: Arkham Knight continues to look fantastic. Personally, I find myself more excited about the Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle prequel expansion that is included in the extended season pass. Oracle will play a major supporting role in this latest incarnation of the Batman Arkham series and it will be nice to play her original Bat-themed-alter-ego. There are some new posters and the new trailer that debuted at E3, check them out below.Check out this gallery of new character posters:

Is the Riddler on his way to the beach or a pool party or something? Seriously that look is not doing him justice. Whats’ with Two-Face and the pushed up sleeves? I get that they want to do something a little different, but if you’re going to do that why not really go for it?

Here’s the new trailer:

Hmm, that was fairly violent and scary. I imagine the police officer was exposed to something Scarecrow cooked up and all those zombies were innocent diners. It is a good look at the game-play although at this point your mind should already be made up about purchasing this game. It hits shelves on the 23rd next week.

Will you be donning the cowl for one last Arkham ride?

Via: E3

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