The recent mega-crossovers for both DC Comics and Marvel have focused on the collapsing multiverse, a concept where in multiple universes, anything that could have happened, did happen. With today’s announcement about the next Halloween movie, the horror/slasher series started by John Carpenter in 1978, I can’t help but wonder if the world of Michael Myers needs a similar pallet cleanser. After six movies (including the non-Myers part 3), Halloween H20 erased the continuity from everything but the first and second movie. Then, after Halloween: Resurrection, came Rob Zombie‘s two Halloween series entries which were themselves remakes of the whole series. And now, a new pair of filmmakers is going back to the beginning. Or at last Halloween II. The first one. To tell the latest iteration of the babysitter killer saga.

In a story from Variety, writing partners Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton will be penning the latest Halloween movie which is to be called Halloween Returns. Dunstan will do double duty as the film’s director as well. Dunstan and Melton are the pair behind The Collector and its sequel, and they wrote four out of seven of the Saw movies, so they are well versed in the genre.

Of course Halloween returns every year on October 31, so this rather imaginative title must refer to something a little less obvious, like a return to the original Halloween continuity started by Carpenter. Indeed, Shock Till You Drop says that the main character of Returns will be Gary Hunt, the sheriff’s deputy that helps Dr. Loomis (the late Donald Pleasence) track down the MIA Michael Myers in Halloween II. Moviehole offered this concise plot synopsis:

The now 18-year-old child of one of Myers’ victims plays a central role along with the child of a cop whose long been obsessed with Myers’ case, even putting it before his own daughter. Myers is now on death row and the two kids with their own personal vendettas against the killer sneak in to watch his execution. But when things go awry and Myers escapes, the pair, along with their friends, find themselves in the firing line.

Although the reasoning escapes me, it sounds like Dunstan and Melton are going the Texas Chainsaw 3-D route. The most recent edition of the series started by Tobe Hooper ignored both the original series and its remakes to tell as direct sequel to the very first Chainsaw from 1974. (ScreenCrush wrote a great article about this phenomenon called “selective sequels.”) That method didn’t work out so good for Texas Chainsaw 3-D, at least we’ve heard no one talking about making another one, but the Zombie-Halloween films were so derided by fans, it’s hardly surprising that no one wants to revisit them.

There’s no release date yet for Halloween Returns, but don’t be surprised if it’s scheduled to come out around October 31 next year. We’ll have more news about it as it comes in.

Source: ScreenCrush

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