No, this isn’t some new flashback and you do remember it right. Beth, played by Emily Kinney, was killed off at the season five mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. (*Note to those crying SPOILERS!!! Seriously? This has been out and around the Internet so many times that even my relatives on dial-up know about it.) Word is making its way around the Internet today though has Norman Reedus, who is everybody’s favorite redneck zombie killing machine on The Walking Dead, is reportedly now dating Emily Kinney.

Did you hear that? It was as if hundreds of thousands of Daryl/Carol Shippers cried out at once. He may have carried both characters during the series, finding Carol alive in the prison, and Beth after she died in the Hospital, but it looks like it’s 29-year-old Kinney that ended up with the 46-year-old Reedus. If it couldn’t happen between their characters during the series, perhaps their close working relationship on set helped spark their later personal relationship.

Us Weekly, (Yeah I know, but just go with it.) is reporting sources close to the pair saying:

They had a connection early on in the show, but the romance developed recently. They’re still pretty guarded about it.

The Us Weekly piece goes on to talk about Reedus going to Kinney’s concert and getting recognized by the crowd and some other comments Kinney has made about Reedus being such a sweet guy.

These things happen a lot on movie and television sets, I’m just glad this doesn’t involve one or the other already being in a relationship or marriage. Those Hollywood hook up that causes a breakup stories are just sad.


Several sites have reached out to Norman Reedus’ Representation and are getting this response to the story about Reedus and Kinney dating:

We can confirm that they are not dating.

There’s still hope all you Carol/Daryl shippers! It looks like the US Weekly story was about as on point as those signs saying that safety was guaranteed at Terminus for those that arrive. It doesn’t surprise me, but it was a nice fiction for the moment while it lasted.

Via: US Weekly

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