Are you excited for Terminator Genisys? After being bit by Rise of the Machines and Salvation, it is easy to understand if your excitement for the upcoming sequel/reboot is a bit muted.  After James Cameron’s seal of approval, however, chances are that Terminator fans will be more than a bit happy with the new entry of the 30 year old franchise.  Even with Cameron’s (who wrote and directed the first two, i.e. the best, entries in the franchise) backing of the film, franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t resist drumming up some excitement for the flick in the best possible way.

Alright, in fairness, Arnie wasn’t just hitting the mean streets to drum up box office dollars once Genisys hits theaters on July 1.  The fact is that the movie will be an instant blockbuster, even without these wonderful pranks.  The former Governator was out to raise awareness for Omaze, a charity that he, and many other movie stars, are proud to promote.  Ready for the funny?  Check out Arnold as he surprises his adoring fans as the T-800.

Oh, man, could it be more awesome?  Admittedly, the recent prank on Chris Pratt may take the prize for “Best Prank Video of the Week” but Arnie definitely gets Honorable Mention.

Omaze is a group that supports many different causes.  By offering chances to win some absolutely awesome experiences, such as joining Arnie to the premiere of Terminator Genisys, the organization hopes to raise funds for causes that may go unnoticed but are just as worthy of your donation.   For more information, and a chance to win that trip to the Genisys premiere, check out Omaze’s website and donate some cash to a cause you hold dear.

Are you ready for Terminator Genisys?  How much are you willing to donate to win that trip to the premiere?

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